Walking Bus Support


What is a walking bus?

Encouraging children to walk to school is a healthy and more sustainable option than driving, however, for many parents, this is simply impractical given work and family commitments. This is where a walking bus can help.

A walking bus is an arrangement where adults accompany a group of children walking to school. It is generally run by volunteers, who either meet the children at an agreed drop-off point, or collect children along a pre-defined route.

My experience

I currently administer a successful walking bus initiative for my local primary schools. Our ‘Stride to School’ initiative has operated since June 2013, running every Friday morning. It attracts children from both the infant and junior schools, who enjoy meeting their friends and taking part.

I have specific experience of:

  • Writing walking bus guidelines, terms and conditions, and permission forms;
  • Liaising with the County Council on route risk assessment;
  • Communicating the scheme and its benefits to parents and the media; and
  • Providing expert advice to the developers of a walking bus app.


If you think I could help you set up or improve your walking bus, please contact me at jane @ carbon-clarity.com or complete the form below.