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The Composting Troubleshooter

My experience of working in the composting sector and talking to many people about home/backyard composting is that expectations far often exceed reality. Although there are plenty of books written about how to make compost, few focus on preventing problems and providing advice on what to do when things don’t quite go to plan.

Successful composting

In The Composting Troubleshooter I explain composting basics and how to compost effectively. By blending both art and science, the key components needed for successful composting are clearly explained and illustrated using easy-to-understand diagrams.

Preventing problems

I have provided detailed advice on how to overcome a range of different composting problems, including blending different materials, getting the structure of the heap right, and adjusting the moisture levels.

The Composting Troubleshooter provides an in-depth description of the different types of materials that can be composted, listing their key properties and things to keep an eye on. In addition, I’ve also listed some materials that may cause problems, or taint compost.

Troubleshooting problems

Unlike other composting books, The Composting Troubleshooter, provides detailed advice on how to overcome a range of different composting problems. I have included a quick Look-Up Troubleshooter guide to help point you in the right direction.

The book also contains chapters on: alternative composting methods; putting your compost to work; health and safety; and useful resources.

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What other readers have said

“Excellent book, I wish I had read this 20 years ago.”

“Really useful guide, especially for the beginner.”

“A clear, concise, easy to read and understand book about the technicalities of composting. Witty and laugh out loud in parts too. A must have for any gardener trying to create a compost heap.”

“I thoroughly recommend this book for anyone who wants to start composting at home successfully, or who has had difficulty getting home composting to work for them.”

“It’s well laid out so that I can dip in and out of it when I need to.”

“The troubleshooting part of the book is very well set out and easy to use, and will definitely help solve any problems I come across.”

“Lots of very useful information about what to put on a compost [heap] in the correct quantities to get the best results.”

“This book is a very clear and readable explanation of the important factors in getting a compost heap to work. It is full of simple and practical advice on how to get the “mix” right and know when it is working.”

“Excellent information very succinctly presented.”